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Fold the deformed note box

Paper: eco-friendly kraft paper
Size: 10.5CM*10.5CM*105mm
Packing: opp bag

Fold the deformed note box and add a creative touch to your life!

Both inside and outside the beauty is not self-sufficient, the appearance is cold, the content is complete, the value of the collection is quite high, the elegant and beautiful cover, the fun details of the multi-purpose record of the day, synchronized with your life

Professional attention to details, high quality, attention to the details of the creation of craftsmanship, the pursuit of excellence will not affect the details because of efficiency

PET note paper 5 colors can choose 25 sheets of each color, easy to record the fun and details of the day, synchronized with your life, selected 100 pieces of high-quality yellow note paper, tear smoothly, can be pasted repeatedly;

5-color sticky notes are packed in bulk with 240 sheets, made of high-quality wood pulp, smooth front and back monochrome printing paper, and non-bleeding ink fillet design to prevent wrinkle damage

Wear-resistant and environmentally friendly paper, let you enjoy the fun of the pen nib, writing like composing a movement of flowing clouds, easy to record without stopping

Environmental protection kraft paper packaging box, environmentally friendly and degradable, multi-sided can be evenly spread 180 ° easy to take, pattern printing is clearly visible, Times Gift (Times Gift) supports personalized customized services, whether you want to customize corporate gifts or corporate gifts, you only need to tell us the demand, you can quickly order, no matter how much the quantity, high efficiency of the construction period, and on-time delivery.