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Morandi color strip sticky note

Size: 20*8.5cm
The inside page is 12*45mm
Number of sheets: 10 colors x 20 sheets
Color: 6 items

Simple retro style Morandi color long note stickers, say goodbye to disorder, sort out cumbersome files, find time-saving and labor-saving to improve learning efficiency, file classification, index annotation, key tips.

Strong stickiness, can be pasted repeatedly, easy to tear and paste without leaving glue, simple extraction, light and compact to use at any time, effectively improve learning efficiency.

Transparent does not mask, paste does not block words, transparent material is not easy to cover important text, more suitable as a book or notebook paste note

With a variety of styles and specifications, you can choose from them to distinguish between different content and notes, and one book meets all your daily needs, with bright colors to make your messages stand out

The writing is smooth and smooth, recording every detail, easy to tear without leaving glue, and the back is made of self-adhesive glue, which can be easily pasted on notebooks, books and desks and other items, and can be re-torn and re-pasted

PET waterproof material, so that the notes are no longer afraid of splashing water, the wet handwriting is clear and does not fade, and the effect is better with a ballpoint pen~

High-quality note stickers are more suitable as company gifts or school gifts, bringing convenience to their work and study, and improving the efficiency of work and study!