Gift assortment

Multifunctional note box

Material: Eco-friendly paper

Product dimensions: 93 x 93 x 93 mm

Packing: Boxed

Repastable: Note stickers can be used over and over again without damaging the paper and leaving no glue behind.

High-quality paper: made of virgin pulp paper, with excellent quality, convenient classification and indexing, and improve work efficiency.

Colorful and multi-colored: The sticky notes are affixed with a variety of sweet candy colors, and the colors are bright and eye-catching.

Exquisite workmanship: the corners of the note sticker are carefully handled, the lines are smooth, not easy to deform, the production is fine, and the quality is highlighted.

With storage space: The sticky note sticker is designed with storage space and can be used as a pen holder or mobile phone holder.

Diverse and versatile: Provide a variety of different types of sticky notes, including 100 sticky notes in 5 colors, 25 PET sticky notes in 5 colors, and 50 yellow sticky notes to meet different needs.

Sticky notes can be customized with the customer’s logo, and the maximum advertising size is 40 x 20 mm.

If you’re looking for high-quality sticky notes, whether as a corporate gift or a corporate giveaway, we’ve got you covered. Times Gift’s sticky notes are beautifully designed, reliable in quality, and clear in LOGO customization, which can highlight your brand image and corporate culture!
Contact us and let us help you create a unique gift that will enhance your brand value and customer satisfaction!