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Extractive marker sticky notes

Size: 44*24mm
Number of sheets: 50
Color: 5 types
Material: PET

產品編號 ST3493 Category

It is easy to tear without leaving glue, and the back is made of self-adhesive glue, which is sticky, and can be easily pasted on notebooks and books, and can be re-torn and re-pasted

Compact and convenient, it can be clipped to a book and ready to use, with strong adhesive bonding, easy to paste and turn multiple pages of paper, so that you can focus on marking content at a glance

A variety of different bright colors are available, which is easy to distinguish different key content needs, easy to classify, and is a good helper for learning and work marking

Selected PET waterproof material, wet water does not fade, the surface is not afraid of wet water, the back glue does not hurt the paper, tear and paste repeatedly

The surface content label can be customized to create your own exclusive mark, which is convenient and practical and can show off your fashion personality.

High-quality paper is more suitable for printing LOGO or slogan, the printing content is clear and exquisite, to ensure the quality and quality of the product, as a business gift to give a surprise to customers, to give customers a practical and beautiful high-quality gift, so that the relationship between each other further;