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Natural rock slab coasters

Made of natural slate rock, irregular edge design, heat insulation and anti-scald protection tabletop

Natural rock texture material, irregular edge design, give you a different experience;

There are non-slip foot pads at the bottom, and non-slip foot pads are pasted on the slate floor to better protect the contact surface

The storage is easy, the coaster is made of ceramic, and the six-piece coaster is integrated for storage, which can be used at any time, presenting a neat tea affair, practical and beautiful.

Accept the cup and send tea, and a scenery line on the tea table reflects the tea ceremony etiquette and adds color to the tea table.

In addition, we offer coaster customization, which allows you to design your coaster as a unique gift that matches your brand image. Whether as a corporate gift, a corporate gift, an event gift or a business gift, we can create a coaster that will satisfy you according to your needs.