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Soccer towel

Inspired by football, the shape towel is carefully crafted with a realistic appearance and bright colors, giving people a sense of sports enthusiasm. It has water absorption effect, is soft and comfortable, and is suitable for daily use.

Size: 30*30cm
Material: Cotton
Packing: Boxed

產品編號 TW3088 Category

Times Gifts offers custom football towels as a unique and practical gift option. Inspired by football, this shaped towel is crafted with a realistic look and bright colors to give a sense of athletic enthusiasm.

This towel is not just an ordinary towel, it is absorbent, soft and comfortable, and suitable for daily use. And its special shape makes it a unique decoration that can be placed in places such as bathrooms, gyms or offices to show your love and support for football.

Times Gifts provides customized towel service, you can choose personalized colors, sizes and patterns to make the towels more in line with your needs and preferences. Whether as an event gift or a business gift, this custom-made football-shaped towel will give you a unique experience and leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

Whether it’s at a football match, team building, promotional event or employee welfare, this custom-made soccer towel can be a chic and practical gift to show your love and care for the game. Let’s work together to create this unique gift that will add a unique touch to your events and business occasions.