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Wireless charging car phone holder

Material: ABS+aluminum alloy
Size : 9 x 6
Packing: Box

The mobile phone can be charged as soon as it is released, say goodbye to cumbersome, wireless fast charging, and take it as you go

The bottom is made of environmentally friendly 3M plastic, which is reusable and degradable, with a 360 rotation angle at any time, and the crocodile clip is wrapped in a silicone cushion

The high-gloss mirror process is upgraded, and the preferred zinc alloy has the characteristics of scratch resistance and wear resistance, which effectively prolongs the service life of the stent

The annular magnet ring, stable adsorption, 120 times more than extremely strong magnetic arrangement, firmly “sucks” the mobile phone, and it is not easy to fall off in bumpy road conditions

It does not block the line of sight and does not hinder the operation, does not affect the normal operation of answering the phone, etc., and is designed for the car without hindrance!

A high-quality mobile phone holder is not only a practical daily item, but also can be used as a corporate giveaway and become your promotional weapon. It combines elegant design with modern technology to add a chic aesthetic to your phone like a work of art.
Whether it’s a business gift, a corporate gift to a partner, or a promotional gift to increase brand exposure, it’s a great way to highlight your corporate brand.