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Santa Claus Fawn Creative Phone Holder

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The function of mobile phone navigation is becoming more and more powerful, as long as the mobile phone has a network, navigation, real-time traffic conditions, practical information such as the nearest parking space can be easily checked, and the convenience of mobile phone navigation to update at any time is incomparable to many car navigation. Therefore, many people like practical mobile phone navigation when driving, so the mobile phone holder for car has become one of the essential supplies for motorists. Shaped like Santa Claus and an elk, this creative stand is delicate and festive, making it a perfect gift for business during the Christmas season.

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1. The mobile phone is supported by the arm clamp to form a triangle fixation, which is suitable for various road conditions such as emergency braking, speed bumps, and rugged mountain roads;

2. The height of the bracket can be adjusted to avoid pinching the mobile phone buttons, and the humanized design is humanized;

3. Reduce vibration, silent design, care without hurting the phone;

4.360° rotation, the viewing angle can be adjusted arbitrarily;

5. Wireless charging function, the phone can be automatically charged when it is put down;

6. Reserve the charging port of the data cable, which can also be plugged in and charged more conveniently, and the mobile phone will not be displaced;

7. Upgrade the thickened silicone cushion to strengthen the cushioning and protect the mobile phone, and the bare metal can be used with confidence;

8. Compatible with most mobile phones/cars on the market.