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Camera-shaped power bank

Color: Beige/Pink/Blue/Black
Capacity: 10000mAh
Material: PC+ABS
Size: 124*68.5*19mm

產品編號 EL3581 Category

The combination of high quality and good looks camera shape mobile power bank makes your charging experience more excellent!
Not only does it have a 22.5W super fast charging function, but it also comes with dual-wire fast charging, which makes charging faster.

The unique camera shape and the ultimate craftsmanship make it difficult to distinguish between the real and the fake, which is not only a mobile power supply, but also a fashionable and trendy accessory.
Select high-quality batteries that can effectively protect your battery without damaging it or damaging your equipment.

A variety of colors for you to choose from, according to different styles to choose the most suitable style. Equipped with a soft lanyard, it is easy to carry, and you only need to carry it for a long time.
Small size and large capacity, with a large capacity of 10000mAh, no longer worry about the problem of insufficient power.

It also has the function of multi-port simultaneous charging, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time, which is convenient and fast.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, good-looking power bank, you might as well consider this camera-shaped power bank.
Whether it’s for personal use or as a business gift, this power bank is an excellent choice. Customize an exclusive LOGO on the surface of the mobile power supply as an event gift or souvenir to make your corporate brand more widely known;
Whether you need a power bank to print or customize a power bank, Times Gifts will provide you with high-quality service.