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VR Pill Power Bank

Material: ABS
Size : 74 x 27 x 22

產品編號 EL3144 Category
The unique candy color combination allows you to get rid of the same tone, fashion and personality.
It is easy to use to get rid of the data cable, integrated design, easy to carry, Android and Apple are available, both beautiful and convenient;
Whether it’s traveling or everyday use, the VR Pill Power Bank can easily meet your needs.
Its large capacity of 5000mAh can meet your power needs, plug and charge, and let the phone be fully charged quickly.
It has multiple protection mechanisms to ensure a safe and stable output power supply, so that you have no worries.
The small, lightweight design can be easily carried in your pocket or handbag to keep you powered wherever you go.
There is no longer a need to carry a complicated charging cable, making your travel easier and more convenient. VR pill power bank is not only a power bank, but also a symbol of fashion trends.
It can also be used as a very practical corporate gift, business gift, etc., which can increase the visibility and trust of the enterprise and enhance the publicity effect.
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