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Mili suction cup wireless power bank

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Mili suction cup wireless power bank makes your charging experience more convenient!

Wireless fast charging, unobstructed charging with shell, high-quality enameled coil, stable and fast wireless output, mobile phone charging is no longer blocked.

The dual-coil is faster to charge, and the built-in radio wave blocking magnet makes it safe to use even pregnant women and children, making charging safer.

Wired & Wireless Charging 4 IN 1 can charge 5 mobile phones at the same time, share power, and charge multiple devices at the same time, which is convenient and fast.

The strong suction cup design firmly adsorbs the mobile phone, and the 8 kiss suction cups are symmetrically distributed, and the strong suction cups absorb the surface of the mobile phone, which is not easy to slip off, making your mobile phone charging more stable.

PD two-way fast charging and safe charging, 3.0A high current in and out of output, storage and charging are fast, efficient and safe.

Compact body, non-inductive travel, small and exquisite body design, easier to carry out, can be easily put into your pocket, making your travel more convenient.

The intelligent temperature control system automatically adjusts the temperature of the power bank itself, which is not easy to get hot in hot weather, and is more secure to use.

Let the Mili Suction Cup Wireless Power Bank become a must-have product for your travel, make your charging more convenient and faster, and keep your power full anytime, anywhere!