For small events and small budgets and tight time for businesses or business groups, Times Gifts offers fixed-price, fast-paced customized gift services. Whether you are looking for corporate gifts, event gifts, promotional gifts, or the best option on a budget, we can meet your needs.

Sticky notes

80 grams of writing paper, each page printed in single-sided color
100pcs HKD1680
200pcs HKD2400
300pcs HKD3300

Write smoothly, without jamming, and without ink leakage
500pcs HKD2250
800pcs HKD3040
1000pcs HKD3300

Color printing, office universal size
200pcs HKD1780
500pcs HKD2560
800pcs HKD3160

Cotton material, side back hand-held design, light and portable
100pcs HKD1680
200pcs HKD2400
300pcs HKD3300

Polyester material is soft and comfortable, corrosion resistant, and has good color fastness
200pcs HKD1700
500pcs HKD2300
800pcs HKD2920

Write smoothly, no jamming and no ink leakage
500pcs HKD1750
800pcs HKD2240
1000pcs HKD2500

High-quality ceramic cups, made of high-quality materials, high temperature resistant and non-toxic
100pcs HKD1900
200pcs HKD3200
300pcs HKD3900

PVC transparent matte zipper file bag, sealed waterproof and moisture-proof
200pcs HKD2360
300pcs HKD3075
400pcs HKD3552

2-in-1 data transmission line

The storage design is portable and carry-on, and it can be automatically retracted and stored
100pcs HKD1500
200pcs HKD1980
300pcs HKD2460

Customized natural materials, environmentally friendly and healthy, scratch-resistant, strong and durable
100pcs HKD1760
200pcs HKD2130
300pcs HKD2600

Solid wood base, fashionable style, ingenious design
10pcs HKD1980
20pcs HKD3040
30pcs HKD3750

Solid wood base material, three-dimensional style crystal trophy
10pcs HKD1980
20pcs HKD3040
30pcs HKD3750