There is no limit to the courtesy, and customized mobile power has become a new trend in gifting!

In the modern fast-paced life, mobile power has become an indispensable equipment for many people, and mobile power has gradually become a popular choice for corporate gifts. Among the many ways to give gifts, customized power banks are undoubtedly a practical and intimate choice, and their advantages are self-evident. So what type of power bank is worth recommending?

There are various models of customized power supplies, which can be distinguished according to different types to meet the needs of different people. The features and functions of the power bank can be divided into portable and wireless charging models, and according to the main purpose, the creative shape of the power bank can be used as a promotional gift, and the exquisite gift set is more suitable for business occasions.


The portable power bank is suitable for travel or daily use, generally equipped with a portable handle, lightweight and easier to carry, can charge mobile phones, tablets and other devices anytime and anywhere, to solve the embarrassing situation of users when they lack power supply.

Gift: Dual-wire portable power bank

Battery capacity: 12000 mAh
Cell type: Lithium polymer battery
Size: 113*74*34 mm
Packing: Carton
Product Code: EL4042

Pocket lanyard transparent power bank

Battery capacity: 5000mAh
Cell type: Lithium polymer battery
Size: 85*30*38.5 mm
Packing: Carton
Product Code: EL4041

Wireless charging

The wireless charging power bank is more convenient, without the use of a traditional charging cable, just put the phone on the charging pad to achieve charging, which greatly improves the convenience and use experience.

Gift: Mili Suction Cup Wireless Power Bank

Material: Plastic
Size: 148*70*17 mm
Battery capacity: 10000mAh
Product Code: EL3458

10000mAh magnetic power bank

Color: white, black, blue, pink
Size: 109*67*21 mm
Material: PP
Product Code: EL3540

Creative styling looks

A creative and unique look can add fun and uniqueness to corporate gifting. Some companies will design a unique appearance of the power bank according to the characteristics of their products or services, such as customizing exclusive corporate gifts inspired by the company’s logo or representative image.

This customization method can not only deepen the user’s impression of the corporate brand, but also enhance the ornamental value and collection value of the gift.

Gift recommendation: tape shape power bank

Cell type: polymer battery
Battery capacity: 10000mAh
Size: 114.2*75.2*15.2 mm
Packing: Carton
Product Code: EL4038

Fruit-shaped power bank

Material: ABS + Acrylic lenses
Product size: 100*75*22 mm
Packing: Boxed
Product Code: EL3326

Exquisite gift set

Enterprises can combine the power bank with other peripheral products to form gift sets, such as charging cables, chargers, protective cases, etc., to provide a more complete use experience and gift effect. This gift set not only shows the company’s intentions and sense of honor, but also improves the quality and practicality of the gift, and the recipient will surely cherish and delight after receiving it. It is more suitable for business occasions and lays the foundation for the next cooperation of enterprises!

Gift recommendation: business gift set

Material: plastic + metal
Product Size: 17 cm (W) x 20.5 cm (H)
Packing: Boxed
Product Code: EL3333

Business Suit Appreciation Gift

Includes: 304 stainless steel thermos cup, 10000mAh mobile power supply, silent wireless mouse, customizable USB, business metal signature pen
Package: Gift box
Product Code: BT3049

With the continuous development and change of the gift market, customized mobile power supply will undoubtedly become a new trend in gifting, opening a new pattern of corporate gifting. In the future business gifts, customized mobile power will become a powerful tool for corporate brand communication, not only the gift is not limited, but also can tell a sincere gratitude and blessings.