Enterprises customize brochures to spread brand image

Customized brochures are a powerful promotional tool for enterprises to carry out promotional activities. Compared with traditional advertising, customized brochures are used to introduce our company to customers in a more specific and visual way. A good brochure can attract the attention of customers and make the corporate image more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, there are several details that need special attention when making a brochure to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the brochure.

Choose an attractive title

The title is the façade of the brochure and largely determines whether the customer chooses to open it and read it or throw it away. A good title is like a trailer for a movie, captivating and appetizing, sparking the customer’s interest in getting to know about it. Therefore, the title should be concise and clear, which can highlight the characteristics of the company and the focus of the promotion, but it can also be presented in a humorous and harmonious way. For example, when a company celebrates its 50th anniversary, the title of the brochure can be “What? This store has been open for 50 years, and how has it survived until now?” Getting customers to open the homepage is the task of our title!

Briefly describe the main contents

The main content of the brochure is crucial and can even directly affect the effectiveness of our promotion. In the brochure, you can briefly introduce the company, its main business situation, team and technical advantages, and show the company’s advantages and brand charm. However, it does not mean that you need to write too much text, because pictures are more promotional than words, on the contrary, too many obscure sentences will cause customers to lose patience to continue reading. The content should be fleshing out and engaging, combining text and pictures to form a vivid promotional story, as if we are not promoting but telling a story!

Pay attention to the overall style of the design and the style of the version

When designing the overall style and version style, it is also necessary to take into account the brand image of the enterprise and the preferences of the target audience. The style should be in line with the corporate identity, whether it is modern, traditional or creative, but with consistency and professionalism. The version style can be designed according to the needs of different activities, such as the company’s anniversary celebration, school anniversary gifts or sports competitions, etc., to meet the requirements of different occasions.

Choose the right printing process

Different printing processes will have different finished product effects, and choosing the right printing process is equivalent to making exquisite packaging for our gifts. Therefore, different printing methods can be selected according to the budget and needs, such as digital printing, lithography or special process printing, to ensure that the quality of the brochure meets the standard requirements. If you are not familiar with the specific effect of the printing method, you can communicate with the customized service provider to ensure that the most perfect gift production effect is achieved.

The quality of paper and environmental friendliness

Finally, the choice of high-quality environmentally friendly paper, the choice of degradable and recyclable environmentally friendly paper also reflects the company’s attention to public welfare and green undertakings, and shows the corporate brand image and publicity concept. At the same time, we should also pay attention to whether the paper has a peculiar smell and whether there is an open glue on the top, quality is always a prerequisite for high-quality gifts!

Overall, a customized brochure is an important promotional tool that can effectively communicate the brand concept, attract target customers, and improve brand awareness and image. At the same time, the brochure can also be used as a company souvenir, school celebration gift or business gift, etc., to record the growth and development of the enterprise, spread the corporate brand image, and have a certain collection value and commemorative significance!

Customizing a brochure involves many steps that require a certain amount of experience and expertise, and it is necessary to find an experienced and professional customization service provider. The team at Times Gift has the experience and expertise to tailor it to your requirements, providing you with professional advice and the best service. Contact us and let us create a unique gift for you that will enhance your brand value and customer satisfaction.