How to choose urgent gifts

Customizing a gift is a multi-step process that takes time to complete. However, we often receive complaints from customers that the boss needs to prepare a large number of gifts for an important event at short notice, but the time is tight. How to order a large number of suitable and high-quality gifts in a short period of time? What gifts are good to recommend?

Priority is given to in-stock gifts

When you need to order a small number of gifts in a short period of time, you can choose gifts that are already in stock. This can save the time of processing and production, and it can be delivered in three to five days. However, when you need to customize the LOGO or a large number, you need to choose customization, so how to speed up our customization process as much as possible?

Choose a logo that does not have a logo or a simple color system

When we need to customize gifts, we can choose not to print the LOGO or a simple color LOGO. This avoids the time and cost of custom printing, and also reduces the delay in delivery due to possible defects in the subsequent customization process. If you really need to print a LOGO, it is best to choose a simple and clear LOGO design that is not only easy to make, but also can ensure the quality of the gift and a good finished product.

In addition, choosing a gift that is easy and fast to make can speed up the delivery time of the gift. For example, choose some simple packaging or ready-made packaging gift boxes, abandon the overly delicate and cumbersome production process, which can be completed in a short time to meet the needs of the event.

Pay attention to the method of transportation and avoid fragile items

When choosing a shipping method, consider delivery time and reliability. In the choice of gifts, try to avoid choosing fragile items, such as crystals, ceramic cups, etc., which are difficult to avoid collisions during expedited transportation. Instead, consider choosing sturdy and durable gifts, such as stationery, T-shirts, water bottles, etc., which are less likely to be damaged during transportation and can ensure the integrity of the gifts.

Gift Recommendation:

Customized common office gifts: You can choose to customize the office gifts of the company’s LOGO, such as paper folders, notebooks, advertising pens, etc., which are convenient and practical.

Zippered thickened business notebook

Material: imitation leather
Size: 150mm*241mm
Packing: OPP bag
Product Code: ST4085

Advertising towels: Generally, advertising towel customizers will have a certain inventory, which can be printed and shipped quickly, and at the same time, there is no fear of bumps and bumps in the transportation process, and the printing effect can also enhance brand exposure.

Lettered cotton towels

Towel size: 34cm*74cm
Packing: Bag
Product Code: TW4007

Custom-made souvenirs: such as keychains, mugs, umbrellas, etc., printed with the company logo, which have practical value and are suitable as souvenirs of events or promotional gifts.

Beech keychain phone holder

Material: beech
Size: 10cm*5cm*3cm
Packing: OPP bag
Product Code: PG4021

For a large number of urgent orders, it is better to prepare more spare parts to facilitate the replacement of inferior products. Urgent orders require time and urgent tasks, and need to ensure a certain quality and fast delivery, which is indeed a headache, but as long as you calm down and actively communicate with gift customization service providers, you can still catch up with the event time in time!