How to customize a small fan for different occasions

On a hot summer day, a small portable fan is definitely a must-have companion for us when we go out. At present, there are many types of portable fans on the market, the most common ones are USB portable fans, neck-mounted portable fans and handheld portable fans. Its light and convenient carrying characteristics have also become a popular choice for summer gifts, but different styles are also suitable for different occasions, and we need to pay attention to what we need to pay attention to when ordering a small fan as a gift!

As a delivery gift

In some promotional activities, it is necessary to order some small items as gifts to attract the attention of the audience and improve the publicity effect. The customized small fan has good practicality and is welcomed by the public, so it is also a popular choice for summer gifts in recent years.

However, the cost is the aspect that needs to be considered in the custom delivery gift, you can choose a mini hand-held small fan or a hand-cranked small fan, this kind of product generally uses a plastic shell and soft rubber fan blades, which can greatly reduce the cost required for production, and can be suitable for a wide printing position, and at the same time play a good publicity effect.

As a business gift

In business occasions, some companies will choose to use it as a business gift, but many companies often fail to achieve the expected effect due to the lack of understanding of the material and type of the product. Customized small fan as a business gift needs to focus on high-end texture and product quality, you can choose a neck-mounted high-end gift box set, exquisite gift box loaded with high-value and high-quality fans, practical and elegant, so that customers feel that you send out a heart rather than just a decoration. The surface of the gift box can be customized with the corporate brand LOGO, which can convey a corporate brand image concept to customers and lay the cornerstone for the next cooperation.

As a corporate gift

For corporate gifts, you can consider customizing a small USB desktop fan with the company’s image color, so that employees or partners can feel the company’s care and attention. Moreover, the USB desktop fan is suitable for placing on the office desktop, which is small and does not take up space, which is the gospel of employees’ summer days. You can add a company slogan or values to the fan to deepen the spread of the company’s culture.

As an event gift

For event gifts, you can customize a creative and interesting portable small fan, such as a creative airplane shape or some cartoon small fans, so as to attract the audience’s attention and increase the exposure rate of the event. At the same time, you can add an event theme or date to the fan as a unique souvenir to make unforgettable memories.

In addition, it is also necessary to consider the preferences and needs of the target audience, choose the appropriate style, material and printing effect, etc., such as:

● Style: Choose the right style according to the gender, age, and preferences of your target audience. For example, a female audience may prefer a fan with a colorful, elegant look, while a male audience may prefer a simple, sleek design. In addition, you can also consider offering fan styles with adjustable air speed or other special features, or even a bladeless fan for a more technological innovation.

● Material: Consider the use environment and preferences of the target audience, and choose the appropriate material. For example, a metal fan may be better suited for business situations, while a fan made of silicone or plastic is lighter and suitable for everyday use. Ensure that the material is of good quality to enhance the durability and quality of the product.

●Printing: need to consider the actual printing effect to take different printing methods, focusing on whether the printed LOGO is clear and easy to see, the gap between the printing effect and the expectation, there may be a certain color difference and printing position offset and other problems, need to communicate and coordinate with the custom service provider when ordering,

Customized small fan as a gift is suitable for a variety of occasions, and different occasions need to pay attention to some details, through careful design and production, can make the portable small fan a popular gift, showing the care and intentions of the audience. New Gifts, New Gifts, High Quality Gifts, All in Times Gifts!Our team has rich experience and expertise, and can be personalized according to your requirements.

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