Gift assortment

12 colors of fun dual-ended highlighter

Material: Plastic
Size: 150mm*12mm
Package: Box

產品編號 T4086 產品編號 ,


The 12-color fun double-ended highlighter is a versatile and colorful gift option, especially suitable as a corporate gift or a Hong Kong gift. This highlighter has a dual-ended design, and each pen comes in 12 different vibrant colors to bring your design and message to life.

Whether it’s a personal gift or a corporate gift, the 12-color fun dual-ended highlighter can meet your needs. You can customize specific color combinations and printed patterns to effectively display your corporate identity and messaging. This highlighter is both practical and designed, making it a popular gift choice.

With Gift Customization, you can provide your customers or employees with versatile and creative gifts, while effectively presenting your corporate image and messaging. The 12-colour fun double-ended highlighter will make an eye-catching gift that shows your care and care for the recipient.