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A4 leather folder with pen

Material : PU
Size : 333 x 265 x 20
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 ST3229 Category

The multi-functional card bag storage design can put all kinds of cards, receipts, invoices, and signature pens with pen inserts on the side, which can be easily stored and large pen inserts on the side;

High-quality PU fabric, special leather delicate and smooth feel, exquisite texture for the notepad to add temperament, durable;

The hard cover is not easy to deform, the corners are rounded, the workmanship is fine and no burrs, the lock thread is bound and the lock thread is bound, and the tight stitches are strong and can be flattened at 180 degrees;

Choose high-quality Dowling paper, smooth writing, quick drying without ink leakage, double-sided writing, thick and durable;

Practical elastic pen insert, strong elasticity, suitable for most signature pens, easy and convenient to take and use

Printing patterns can be customized on the surface, as event gifts or corporate gifts, to give customers a different writing experience, and good gifts to find a professional gift customization company.
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