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Acrylic vertical wireless charging

Material : Acrylic
Size : 79x94x150

產品編號 EL3051 Category
Since Apple has combined the charging interface and headphone interface since iPhone7, sometimes you can’t listen to a song with headphones while charging, it’s really depressing, and many people’s mobile phones have fallen to the ground countless times because of the data cable, the screen is broken, and the whole phone is broken. The emergence of wireless chargers has undoubtedly solved these problems to a large extent, and has also become a new popular product in mobile phone accessories gifts.
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1. Scientific heat dissipation, the fan will automatically turn on during wireless fast charging to cool down your mobile phone;
2. Put it in your hand, just put it and charge it, no need to align, enjoy the convenience brought by wireless charging;
3. The use of zinc USB intelligent control chip and charging chip to comprehensively improve charging efficiency and safety, more assured use;
4. LED soft light, etc., can not only remind intelligently, but also do not affect sleep at night;
5. Double-coil design, the mobile phone can be charged freely when placed horizontally and vertically;
6. The base pads increase friction, support anti-slip mats, the overall sailing concept, and the whole straight line combination creates a personalized scientific and technological shape.