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Adjustable aluminum alloy phone holder

Material : Aluminum alloy
Size : 80x71x102
Packing: OPP bag/box

產品編號 EL3034 Category


Aluminum alloy is integrally machined, thick and stable, the surface CNC machining and anodizing process are simple and fashionable, and the corners are smooth to better protect your hands.

& Details &

1. Rotation adjustment: The middle part of the bracket is designed with a roller to meet the needs of various angles, truly release your hands, and make it easier to chase dramas;

2. Anti-slip silicone: anti-slip silicone pads are specially provided at the front and bottom of the bracket, which can effectively prevent the mobile phone from sliding and wearing and bumping;

3. Compatible and adaptable: compatible with most mobile phones and tablets on the market, the sturdy base can support mobile phones of various sizes and most tablets;

4. Intelligent noise reduction: support binaural call, sound data is transmitted by both ears, three-dimensional and clear call, with call noise reduction technology, reduce noise, and every communication is as intimate as face-to-face;

5. Metal materials: powerful nano metal materials, tighter molecular structure, tougher than ordinary metal materials, high-strength and high-precision stamping and forming;

6. Reserved wire holes: The front section is reserved for charging interface holes, and multiple wire holes are left on the back, which is not only convenient to use, but also can make the desktop clean and tidy.