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Airplane quirky advertising pen

Material : PETG
Size : 210 x 60
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 ST3216 Category

The pen cover design makes it easy to remove the cap to protect the pen tip from damage and prolong the service life;

Choose a metal tungsten ballpoint pen nib, write smoothly, the ink is not easy to break, and the inspiration is continuous

0.5mm thick bullet pen, smooth writing and continuous ink, smooth barrel, comfortable feel, comfortable grip;

The slender barrel feels comfortable in the hand, so even children can easily grasp it with one hand;

The interesting shape of the top airplane, the innovative stationery can capture the hearts of children, and it is suitable for school activities and gifts to give to students, giving students a colorful childhood!
Times Gifts can be personalized for you according to your needs, making it a highly creative and unique promotional gift. Times Gift looks forward to providing you with the most satisfactory customized service;