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Angled clear highlighter

Material: ABS
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 ST3074 Category Tag

The delicate plastic pen clip reflects the high-end quality, with strong clamping force and full toughness, which can be easily clipped into a pocket or book, making it more convenient to carry

Lightweight plastic pen body, reasonable center of gravity configuration, just the right center of gravity ratio, handy writing, smooth pen cap, easy to pull the cap, effectively protect the pen tip;

The use of high-density fiber nib, the writing is soft and smooth, and the pen and ink are evenly inked, so that each stroke is smooth and free, such as flowing water

Easy to wipe without residue, a wipe to remove stains, clean and tidy, the pen barrel with moderate thickness, more comfortable feel, long-term writing without tired hands

The smooth curved barrel can be customized to print the LOGO, which is also the best choice for event gifts. When you give these highlighters as gifts to customers, partners, or people attending events, you can continue to promote your company’s brand, and your unique look can attract the attention of passers-by, which can increase brand exposure.

Whether it’s a gift for a school event, an employee benefit in the office, or a business gift, a highlighter that can express your unique style can build a good image for your corporate brand.
Choosing a supplier with experience and expertise, such as Times Gift, can ensure that the customized highlighter meets the needs and brand values of the business, and provides a personalized customization service.