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Backpack for outdoor hiking and hiking

Color: Black, Red, Blue
Size: 20L

產品編號 RB4010 產品編號 ,

No standard of the same series, super cost-effective replacement, outdoor mountaineering and hiking backpack. Times gifts are specially tailored for urban commuting and lightweight outdoor. The lightweight design allows you to carry it without too much weight;

The backpack is hollowed out and there is a mesh wrap at the same time, and it is also very breathable and comfortable in summer, and there is a computer layer inside the main compartment, which can fit a small 14-inch computer, which will not directly touch the bottom and prevent it from hitting the computer.
There is a hook at the top of the position, which can fix the water bladder, and there is also a water bag nozzle sticking out of the tube, and the shoulder strap fixes the mouthpiece, which is full of details and very user-friendly.

The fabric is made of high-quality wear-resistant fabric, which has waterproof and tear-resistant properties, and can cope with years of wear and tear. I don’t have to worry about all kinds of bumps or heavy rain infiltration during the hike. There are more than 7 pockets of different sizes inside the backpack, which can be flexibly stored and can be loaded, and the internal multi-functional division is convenient for easy access and placing of items.
It is not picky and stylish, suitable for daily leisure, short trips and various outdoor activities, and is versatile and good-looking.
Unleash your passion, challenge yourself, choose an outdoor mountaineering and hiking leisure backpack, and make every outdoor trip an unforgettable memory!
Why not try to recommend this outdoor mountaineering and hiking leisure backpack as a gift to your friends who love mountaineering, you can customize the backpack to become a unique gift, and the times gift carefully chooses the right gift for you.
Please contact us and let Times Gifts help you customize unique gifts to enhance your brand value and customer satisfaction. Times is looking forward to cooperating with you to provide you with the best quality service.