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Casual and versatile crossbody bag

Material: Oxford cloth
Dimensions : 190 x 70 x 330
Packing: OPP bag
Printing: Silk screen printing

產品編號 RB3054 Category

Leisurely life, simple bag, simple happiness!
Sturdy and durable accessories, carefully handle and design every detail of the functional accessories, making it an all-round functional load-bearing equipment

The adjustable shoulder straps take into account different heights and meet different needs
Detachable hook, hook detachable, change backpack mode willingly.

The hardware double slider design is easy to pull and close, and the front zipper pocket can accommodate small items.

The fabric is thick, more tear-resistant, friction-resistant, and strong, showing the brand’s own texture and taste;

The back ventilation system, the reasonable distribution of the fulcrum at the stress point of the backpack, greatly improves the ventilation, and makes the carrying more stable and comfortable.

The surface pattern supports the printing pattern, the display area is large, and the printing pattern is more clearly visible.
When choosing a printed or embroidered corporate logo, make sure the design is clear and effective in conveying your brand message. In addition, you can consider adding other promotional elements to the backpack, such as slogans, logos or special patterns, to further enhance the publicity effect.
By selecting high-quality rucksack materials and sophisticated manufacturing technology, the durability and quality of the rucksack are ensured to increase the practicality and long-term publicity effect of the gift.