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Ceramic storage travel tea set

Material : Ceramic
Size : 690 x 460 x 450

產品編號 BT3233 產品編號 ,


The tea set is wrapped in pearl cotton, and the tea utensils are stored properly and are not afraid of bumps
The innovative integrated storage design is very elegant for gifts or personal use
The spout of Shih Tzu pot is round, the water is smooth, the water is broken, the overall line is smooth, the grip is comfortable, and it comes with a filter hole to quickly filter the tea residue
The lid of the tea can is sealed with non-woven fabric, which effectively prevents the tea from moving away, and the mouth of the can is round and open, and it is convenient to take the difference
The teacup is shiny and shiny, the texture is hard, and the bottom is polished and smooth, so it does not hurt the tabletop
The stripe design of the tea tray panel can quickly remove wastewater, prevent water from covering the surface of the tea tray, and keep the plate surface clean