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Christmas knitted wine set

Knitted flannel red wine bottle sleeve, full of Christmas elements shape, the bottom of the hollow design, so that even if the bottle has a bottle sleeve, it will not affect the placement

Size: 10*27cm
Material: Polyester



Christmas knitted wine set. This is a custom-made gift that can be used as an event gift or holiday gift.

The Christmas knitted red wine set of the era gift is made of knitted flannel, which is full of Christmas elements. Whether it’s Santa Claus, elk, Christmas trees or gift boxes, you’ll find them all on wine sets. These lovely patterns and details make the wine set more festive, warm and festive.

In addition, the red wine sleeve is designed with a hollow bottom, so that even if the bottle is placed in the sleeve, it will not affect the stable placement of the bottle. This makes the wine sleeve not only decorative, but also keeps the bottle balanced and makes your gift perfect.

Times Gifts provides gift customization services, you can add specific patterns, slogans or company logos to the wine sleeve according to your needs and preferences, so as to make the gift more personalized and unique. Whether as a business gift or a personal gift, this Christmas knitted red wine set will surprise and delight those who receive it.

If you’re looking for a unique holiday gift, the Christmas Knitted Wine Set is definitely a great choice. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more details and customized services. Let’s add more joy and warmth to the festival together!