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Christmas tree double glasses

Material: high borosilicate glass + silicone
Dimensions: 92 x 115
Packing: OPP/Box

產品編號 BT3129 Category


This Christmas tree-shaped glass is made of soft snow lid, one-piece molding, tough and durable, the cup is upside down and the cup lid, as if the snow is submerging the roots; the inner Christmas tree shape, pine green, lush, standing quietly in the festive season, bringing a warm Christmas atmosphere; high borosilicate glass made of stars, high temperature hot melt on the top of the Christmas tree, shining and lovely; double-layer design, cold insulation, put ice cubes without ice hands, 100 °C hot water brewing, no obvious hot feeling in the hand, winter holding warm hands just right.

& Details &

1. Manually blown, smooth and round cup mouth without wounds, large-diameter design, easy to clean;

2. High borosilicate material, double-layer hollow structure, double-layer anti-scald, heat insulation, no hot hands, heat insulation, cold prevention, no fogging, long-term use will not produce harmful substances;

3. Two-color snowflakes on the body of the cup, the color is fresh and beautiful;

4. There is a small pore at the bottom of the outer layer to prevent the gas inside the double-layer cup from expanding and bursting when heating;

5. Non-toxic and harmless crystalline element material, high-temperature blowing shaping, delicate touch, elegant and fashionable.