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Cold-feeling sports quick-drying towels

Towel size: 60cm *30cm
Silicone bag size: 7.7cm*6cm
Material: polyester cotton

產品編號 TW3128 Category

Ice silk fabric, cool experience microfiber, water absorption and quick drying
The use of high-quality ice silk fabric, with a cool feeling, in the exercise to feel the cool feeling. The microfiber material makes the towel softer and more comfortable, and at the same time, it has excellent water absorption and quick-drying ability, so it will always be dry and comfortable during exercise.

It dries quickly when it is cold, and it is cool when soaked in water, so it is always dry and in good condition
Whether you’re working out, exercising, outdoors, or traveling, quick-drying towels will keep you cool and comfortable. The quick-drying properties quickly absorb sweat and moisture, keeping your skin dry and looking good at all times.

Its lightweight and portable design makes it easy to carry, whether you put it in your bag or hang it out of your bag, so you can carry it with you on every trip.

Absorbent fibers, quick-drying and breathable
The absorbent fiber fabric is not only soft and comfortable, but also absorbs sweat and moisture quickly. It is also very breathable, keeping the towel dry and breathable, so that you feel comfortable and refreshed during your workout.

Whether you’re in the heat of summer or doing strenuous exercise, our quick-drying towels will provide you with a cool and comfortable experience to enjoy the fun of exercise!
&Times Tips&
1. After wetting the towel, twist it lightly and shake it vigorously to make the towel cool!
2. If the coolness disappears, repeat the movement several times to continue to get the cooling effect!
3. Try to wring it out when using the product to prevent wet clothes.