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Colorful creative syringe highlighter

Material: ABS
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 ST3089 Category Tag

Creative syringe shape, color transparent and clearly visible, creative wireless, creative wireless!

The pen body is made of ABS plastic material, transparent and visible, the color of the pen body is consistent with the color of the inner core, and the pen and ink do not cover the original handwriting

The axe-shaped pen tip is easier to fit the paper, the color is full, translucent and uniform, not only can easily write words, marks, handbooks, etc., but also can draw super colorful paintings

Each color is very brilliant, multi-color optional, rich and dazzling six colors, and the water is smooth and depicts different moods with different colors

The axe-shaped nib is easier to conform to the paper surface, the color is full, the color is translucent, and the smooth plastic barrel makes the pen hold comfortable and the pen is stable and easy

Interesting highlighter is a good choice for gifts, the novel and creative shape of the syringe highlighter can be customized LOGO or slogan on the pen body, is an excellent promotional gift and event gift!