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Coral velvet towel in the shape of a vegetable

Packing: Bag

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Vegetable series towels, accompany you to spend a fun life together!
The vegetable series is here~ But cute love has no troubles
A variety of creative vegetable shapes for you to choose, high-quality coral velvet, three-layer thickening~ quack absorbent and cute is a hand towel, or it can be the enlightenment of children’s lives A variety of different interesting and healthy vegetables, so that your children can fall in love with washing their hands even more! !
Vegetables & hand towels are multi-functional, and the blessing of Meng Li allows it to accompany you for three meals a year and four seasons~
Skin-friendly soft touch, soft to the touch
High-density coral velvet, soft and comfortable, sucks when exposed to water, and is better to use when wiping hands;
The three layers are thickened, which effectively insulates the hand guards, and makes the use more assured;