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Creative metal crystal rollerball

Material : Metal
Size : 145 x 11
Packing: OPP/Box

產品編號 ST3211 Category Tag

Bright new life, writing the king model, creative metal crystal signature pen

Exquisite pen clip, reflecting high-end quality, strong clamping force, full of toughness, easy to clip in the pocket or book, more convenient to carry

Light pen body, reasonable center of gravity configuration, just the right center of gravity ratio, handy writing

Smooth metal nib, easy to write, addictive ballpoint pen as soon as you write

The rotating pen body is simple and easy to operate, coupled with advanced spare parts technology, to ensure the quality of each pen

Creative metal crystal rollerball, this unique rollerball pen is not only a great companion for writing, but also a practical and creative gift option. The multi-functional design of this light pen not only serves as a writing instrument, but also has a lighting function for convenience and practicality.
Times Gift can be personalized according to your needs, making it a highly creative and practical promotional gift.