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Creative one-to-three telescopic data cables

Material: TPE
Dimensions : 63 x 63 mm
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 EL3056 Category
For modern people, without a data cable and a power bank, the time to go out is almost equal to the battery life of the mobile phone, even if it is brought, sometimes looking at the messy data cable in the bag, it takes a lot of time just to sort it out. Many people may choose storage bags, but repeated and frequent winding will lead to loss of the inner core of the cable. A good data cable should not only solve the problem of making life easier, but also have “good looks”. This macaron-style 3-in-1 data cable can be used to charge mobile phones with different interfaces when unfolded, and can also be used as decorations when stored, which can be said to be a very practical and creative gift choice.
& Details &
1. The round shape can be unfolded design, which can be carried out freely, delicate and lovely;
2. Humanized and convenient storage, refusing to be the same;
3. Three-color fresh and beautiful macaron color, elegant and fashionable;
4. Different interface design, suitable for all handheld devices, including some notebook data and charging;
5. Internal high-quality copper core, flexible and non-breaking, longer service life;
6. Five-in-one charging + transmission, give full play to the performance, and ensure that charging and transmission are synchronized at the same time.