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Creative perforated wooden pen holder

Material: wood
Size: 125*45*95 mm
Packing: OPP bag



Times Gifts offers custom-made creative perforated wooden pen holders, which are suitable for promotional gifts, corporate gifts and business gifts. This creative gift is made from natural wood with a unique texture and design. It has multiple holes that can be used to store a variety of stationery such as pens, pencils, scissors, etc., and can add personality and practicality to the desk.

With a simple design and a beautiful look, this perforated wooden pen holder organizes and organizes stationery while showcasing the texture of natural wood. Customers can customize according to their needs, including printing company logos, event themes, etc., to meet different gift needs.

As a promotional gift, this creative perforated wooden pen holder can be used as a prize or giveaway for a promotional event, increasing brand exposure and attracting customers. As a company giveaway, it can show care and recognition for employees and customers, and at the same time enhance the company’s image. As a business gift, this creative gift showcases the innovation and care of the company.

If you are interested in customized gifts, please contact Times Gifts, we will provide the best quality gift customization services.