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Crystal glowing car charger

Material: ABS+Crystal
Size : 100 x 43 x 8
Packing: White box/gift box

: 48G

: DC 12-24V, 36V(Max).

Output voltage
: DC 5V

Output current
: 2.1A, 3.1A(Max).

: CE, Rohs, FCC

: Black, can be customized

Printing method
: silk screen printing, internal carving
Crystals withThe combination of ABS material breaks through the conventional design ideas
Luminous design, the crystal shines brightly when usedLOGO EFFECT
DoubleUSB interface, which can link two devices at the same time
High current 2.1A stable output, suitable for all smart handheld products
The coil is bucked, safe and stable

產品編號 EL3028 Category


Plug the product into your car’s cigarette lighter and connect your phone or other digital device to use

Built-inIC control protection circuit, over-voltage and over-current protection, limit protection charging safety, high charging efficiency, fast speed; phone Incharge Auto car charger adopts a lightweight and portable design, easy to carry, and the intelligent circuit can be used for iPod or iPhoneProtect against battery damage caused by overcharging

USB charger: Various types of cables can be configured according to your needs, and the USB data cable can be charged in the car to answer calls

BandLED indicator to make it more convenient for you to use

Small size, streamlined, light to carry;

Cost-effective, reliable, mature and stableIC scheme, high accuracy of constant current value, can directly charge lithium battery The internal circuit is also designed by IC short circuit protection, which meets international safety standards

Protection function: overload protection 105%~180%, over-current and short-circuit protection

Using the internal carving characteristics of the crystal, you can add a customized LOGO;Luminous design, when the product is connected to the power supply in the car, the crystal glows to highlight the rated power of the LOGO effect.