Gift assortment

Crystal iceberg-shaped trophies

Material: Crystal
Size: Customized size is available
Packing: Carton


The Crystal Iceberg Trophy is an award design with a high sense of art and exquisite craftsmanship, which is suitable for various award ceremonies, recognition events and corporate honors.

Crafted from crystal, this trophy takes on the unique shape of an iceberg and radiates a crystal clear luster and nobility. Its elegant, unique shape resembles an iceberg shining in the sun, symbolizing courage, tenacity and steadfastness.

The base part of the trophy can usually be customized to inscribe the winner’s name, award information, etc., to bring personalized glory to the winner. This custom trophy design makes the trophy even more memorable, able to preserve it forever and highlight the honor.

The Crystal Iceberg Trophy is not only an award with practical honorary significance, but also a beautiful work of art, which can be used as a fine collection for enterprises, organizations or individuals, showing dignity and taste.