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Data line magnetic absorption nano collator

Material : Plastic
Dimensions : 90 x 20 x 4.7
Packing: OPP/box

產品編號 EL3040 Category


The magnetic cable organizer is compact in size, and the double-sided 3M adhesive can easily adhere to smooth and flat surfaces such as the desktop, bedside, and car interior, and the three-way storage clip can be perfectly compatible with large, medium and small data cables, and uses a magnetic adsorption design, which is firm and reliable, and can be used repeatedly for a long time. Use at home or in the office, so that your data cable is no longer messy, use in the car, no longer need to rummage around, charging is completed, you can put it in your hand, the data cable will not fall to the ground, resulting in cable crushing or dirty.
& Details &
1. Simple magnetic adsorption design, giving you a more humanized storage experience;
2. Mini body, so small that it can ignore the existence and does not take up space at all;
3. 3M non-marking double-sided tape on the back, not limited by the environment, without leaving a trace, can also be used repeatedly;
4. The magnetic suction is strong, and the two magnetic wire clamps can withstand without falling when used at the same time;
& How to use &
1. Buckle the charging cable and other digital cables into the magnetic buckle opening slot;
2. Tear off the sticker on the back of the long silicone base and stick it in the position you want to fix;
3. Attach the magnetic buckle to the long base.