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Double plastic color-changing advertising mugs

Material : Plastic
Size : 70 x 181
Packing: Carton

產品編號 BT3064 Category


The advertising cup has a capacity of 350ml, with a small upper and lower belly curve design, large capacity, personality and practicality
The double-layer thermal insulation design of the cup body not only maintains the temperature of the tea soup, but also does not burn your hands
The lid of the cup is a sealing ring + spiral pattern, double water lock, effectively preventing overflow, not afraid of leakage in daily use, the top lid outlet design, can be operated with one hand to drink water, riding and driving without delaying drinking water
Widen and enlarge the rim of the cup, which is not easy to produce dirt and easy to clean
The bottom of the cup is designed with a non-slip mat, so you are not afraid to put it down