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Double-walled insulated glass with lid




Times Gifts offers custom double-walled insulated glasses with lids as an option for advertising mugs and mugs. Product features include the following:

Double-layer high-transparency glass body design: The glass adopts a double-layer design, so that the outer layer of the cup body will not transfer the temperature to the inner layer, avoiding the occurrence of hot hands. At the same time, the highly transparent glass material can clearly see the drink in the cup, adding to the fun of use.

Silicone lid and clasp: The lid and clasp are made of high-quality silicone material, which has good sealing performance to ensure that the drink will not spill. The removable clasp is designed so you can open or close the lid at any time, and it also keeps the temperature inside the cup longer.

Portable and splash-proof design: Our cups are equipped with a portable design that is convenient for you to carry with you at any time. Whether it is placed in a bag or on a cup holder, there will be no spills, making it more convenient and safe for you to use.

Times Gifts offers a customized service to print or engrave according to your needs to make your cup unique. Whether it’s an advertising mug for corporate publicity or a mug for personal gifts, Times Gifts’ customized double-layer insulated glass will bring you a unique and practical experience.