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Eco-friendly double-walled wheat coffee cup



The eco-friendly double-walled wheat coffee cup is made of high-quality wheat straw material, which is both environmentally friendly and sustainable. The advantage of this material is that it is not only strong and durable, but also reduces the use of plastic and paper cups, and reduces the environmental impact.

The custom design of this cup features a double-layer construction that keeps the drink warm for longer. At the same time, the outer design also prevents heat conduction and does not burn your hands.

Eco-friendly double-walled wheat coffee cups are not only suitable for personal use, but also ideal for advertising mug customization. Company logos, slogans, or other messages can be printed on the mug to increase brand exposure. It not only has the characteristics of environmental protection, but also has excellent thermal insulation performance, which can definitely bring pleasure and convenience to the recipient.