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Eco-friendly foldable shoulder shopping tote bag

Material : Polyester
Size : 300 x 400

產品編號 RB3057 Category


Instant storage, witness the magic, no matter how uneven the original bag is, as long as you pull the two ends of the bag, straighten it hard, and hear a “pop” sound, you can restore the original shape
Mini portable, smaller than a mobile phone after storage, fixed with Velcro after storage, small size, lightweight, can be carried out for later use
Small size, large capacity, more “loaded” than you think, there are two sizes to choose from, to meet different needs
Stress-relieving strap, made of nylon, not easy to slip shoulders, comfortable feel
Selected high-quality hardware buckles, polished and polished, smooth and soft
Environmentally friendly fabrics are preferred, wear-resistant and water-repellent, pure color, load-bearing and wear-resistant
The closure is designed with tear-resistant velcro for quick and easy closing
Times Gift adheres to the concept of environmental protection, refuses to use plastic bags, and reduces white pollution. Choosing an environmentally friendly foldable shoulder shopping tote bag is to care for and pay attention to the green environment;
Customizing the exclusive pattern LOGO on the side can also show the unique charm and personality of the enterprise.