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Exhibition Celebration Commemorative Set

Size : 265 x 400 x 80
Packaging : Boxed/OPP

產品編號 ST3226 產品編號 , Tag

Contains a variety of gifts, the set includes: umbrella, thermos cup, hair dryer, notebook, USB, signature pen, free choice can be combined with two or a variety of products into a set;

The business umbrella can be opened automatically with one key, using high-density umbrella fabric, which is effectively rainproof, the umbrella bone is upgraded, and it is tough and durable;

The thermos cup is made of 304 stainless steel, food-grade liner, safe and healthy, easy to clean, the cup body is light and portable, the top of the cup lid has a temperature-sensitive digital display, and the side thread is non-slip, generous and beautiful;

Foldable hair dryer, light and compact, easy to carry out, high speed motor, strong wind speed, constant temperature blowing hot air;

The cover of the notebook is made of PU leather material, the inner page is made of beige Dowling paper, which can protect the eyes, a variety of functional pages and 12 stacks of index pages, practical and convenient, and the hidden pen trough is convenient for carrying the signature pen;

Dual-port USB, stable transmission cable, can be plugged into computers, mobile phones and tablets, easy to use, with a variety of capacity options;

High-quality signature pen, comfortable feel, metal cap, convenient and firm, writing bullet nib, smooth writing, sufficient capacity and continuous line;

Exquisite gift box packaging is more atmospheric, is an excellent choice as an exhibition celebration commemoration, corporate gifts, to give customers a practical and beautiful high-quality gifts, so that the relationship with each other further!
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