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Father’s Day gift set

Packaging : Boxed/OPP

產品編號 HG3034 Category


The set includes: razor, thermos cup, lighter, belt, wallet, can be combined with two or more products to form a set
The shaver has an independent floating three-cutter head, the point, line and surface are flexibly adjusted, flexibly coping with a variety of face shapes, bringing a smooth and comfortable experience, the blade and the knife net are automatically rubbed, the sharpness is not reduced, durable, the whole machine supports washing, dry and wet shaving can be selected
The smart thermos cup is made of 304 stainless steel, food-grade liner, safe and secure to use, built-in stainless steel tea drain, more convenient to make tea, there is a temperature-sensitive digital display on the top, and the current water temperature can be displayed by touching the lid of the cup
Windproof lighter, strong firepower, strong wind resistance, easy ignition, USB interface, notebook, car, socket, etc. can be charged, no need to refuel, can be recycled
The belt is made of high-quality soft real cowhide, which is comfortable to feel, strong in luster, tough and durable, does not fall off the skin, and is designed by a rotary button orally, which is easy to shirk
The wallet leather is soft and delicate, with good elasticity and high tension, and the unique texture makes the wallet tough enough, with a variety of card slots inside, and the capacity meets a variety of travel needs