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Fitness sports multi-functional quick-drying towel

Towel size: 40cm *95cm
Material: Microfiber

產品編號 TW3126 Category

Fitness sports multi-functional quick-drying towel, enlarged and thickened for sports, perfect for your fitness journey!
Whether it’s wiping sweat or a gym mat, it’s a good choice. The fabric is soft and skin-friendly, strong sweat absorption, enjoyable during exercise, while isolating bacteria, preventing sweat dripping, rejecting allergies, and effectively blocking odors.
The unique microfilament fiber opening process is adopted, so that each fiber contains full and strong water absorption. Strongly absorbs water and sweat, absorbs sweat and water in 1 second, and keeps it fresh and dry at all times.
In addition, the intimate design of independent corner bags, corner corner bags, can be easily put on the equipment, not easy to slip off, specially designed for athletes.
Whether it’s yoga, gym, running, or other sports, this quick-drying, multi-functional towel will be your best companion.
Fitness sports multi-functional quick-drying towels are more suitable as gym promotional gifts, printing exclusive LOGO or slogans on the towel, so that the company’s brand can participate in every exercise of athletes.

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