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Float plate shaped keychain pressure ball

Material: PU
Size: 82mm*36mm*20mm
Packing: opp bag

產品編號 PG4018 產品編號 ,

The Float Shaped Stress Ball is a unique and fun stress relief toy with a design that mimics the shape of the float board, giving users a sense of relaxation and relaxation.

This stress ball is usually made of a soft and elastic material and has the appearance of a floating board. This unique design not only adds fun to the toy, but also makes the stress balls easier to identify and find.

Primarily used to reduce stress and anxiety, the float shaped stress ball can be released by squeezing, kneading, or stretching the pressure ball. This activity helps to improve concentration, reduce stress, calm the mood, and help to relax the body and mind.

In addition, the float board shaped stress ball can also be used as a toy to bring users moments of entertainment and relaxation. Its soft texture and playful design make it ideal for offices, study spaces or home entertainment.