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Four-color flower highlighter

Material: ABS
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 ST3072 Category Tag

Explore the sea of colorful flowers, and the four-color flower highlighter will lead your creative journey!

Fluorescent color, light ink, low saturation water-based pigment is not easy to cover the text, the ink is even, the writing is smooth, and it is more suitable for key marking

Four different color petals to add vivid colors to your notes and drawings. Highlight the key with bright yellow, accentuate the details with pink, outline with blue, and set the mood with green.

Whether you’re studying, working, or creating, a four-color flower highlighter can help you express your ideas and creativity with ease.

Smooth and curved petal-shaped, the use is not in the way, smooth writing, every use, like bathing in the spring breeze, let you feel the joy of writing.

Thick petals, pattern printing is clearer, can print a wide range of LOGO, as a promotional gift, corporate gifts or event gifts are also a good choice!