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Glass diamond glasses

Material: Glass
Dimensions: 67 x 93
Packing: Boxed

產品編號 BT3127 Category


Hexagonal diamond shape glass, fashionable Nordic fresh style, unique hexagonal, gorgeous and colorful, inclined and not falling; the whole is transparent and pure, restoring the fresh color of the drink, advanced ion plating technology, the color does not fall off; the cup mouth is painted with gold, more elegant; the lead-free glass is selected, the material is safe, and the healthy life is as you like.
& Details &
1. Wide-mouth design, can be thrown directly into ice cubes, convenient for making cold drinks;
2. Thickened and reinforced base, stable and heat-resistant and not fragile, and can effectively insulate and prevent scalding when pouring hot drinks;
3. Creative geometric cup body, can be measured and not poured, big belly design, help to decant wine, beautiful and fashionable;
4. Double-sided upside-down drainage, not easy to mold and rust.
& Precautions &
1. Glass products are fragile products, please handle them gently when cleaning, and store them in places that are not easy for children to touch;
2. Please use a soft rag and neutral detergent clearly;
3. Do not use steel wool balls or steel brushes when washing, etc., to avoid scratches and damage to the cup.