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High-power portable wireless bluetooth speaker

Size: 130*105*105mm
Color: Blue, Black

360° omnidirectional sound field, hardcore surging sound, dual 15W full-range speakers, dual 57mm speakers, dual 75mm diaphragms. Highly sophisticated and compact acoustic design that subverts what you expect from a small speaker!

Compact and portable to enjoy, the distortion is not more than one percent, and the high quality and high requirements are extremely restored to the music

No lag and continuous upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 second generation, compatible with mainstream devices, 10 meters connection distance playback more free

Dual-machine interconnection, sound and sound unity, TWS wireless interconnection between the two speakers, forming a three-dimensional surround system, giving you an immersive listening experience in a large space and the whole house.

The wide-band hemp rope handle is convenient for you to travel, and the intimate design of the loose handle can be attached to various places, even if it is used for a long time, it will not strangle your hands

The quality is guaranteed, the details are strictly controlled, and the high-quality products are carefully created, Seiko electroplating, the gloss is durable and does not peel off the paint; the surface is more suitable for printing LOGO or company slogans to make it a good choice for promotional gifts, event gifts or corporate gifts; it can also be used as a business gift to partners to increase cooperation and exchange opportunities;