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High-quality home bluetooth speaker

Size: 180*90*90mm
Color: blue, black, red, purple

Powerful polymer battery, large capacity and long-lasting battery life, built-in large-capacity environmentally friendly lithium battery, which can be recharged, and also supports use while charging, giving you more lasting companionship

The introduction of low-frequency response technology makes the high, medium and low frequency shocking, which can be called a musical weapon, suitable for interpreting pop rock and other fast-paced music genres

Using a new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it can effectively reduce the Bluetooth chain delay problem with a wide range, and the playback speed is stable without delay, which greatly improves the sound quality and effect

Super bass, two 20-core high-power internal magnetic units, and two bass amplitude boosters bring you rich, clear and pleasant sound

TWS wireless series, two speakers are played in series wirelessly, 360-degree 6D stereo surround restoration of the scene, and enjoy the shocking sound effect of the theater

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