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Kitten-shaped coral velvet towel

Packing: Bag
Color: white, yellow, pink, gray

產品編號 TW4004 Category

Kitten-shaped coral velvet towel ~ soft and cute pet, let children fall in love with washing their hands!
Selected coral velvet hand towels, good absorbency and recyclable
Use a lanyard for easy hanging and easy storage;
Soft coral velvet, delicate and soft texture, not easy to pilling, no irritation to the skin
Delicate edging, double-layer thickened edging, dense and symmetrical stitches, fine workmanship
Delicate fiber, instant water absorption, skin-friendly and comfortable, not easy to lose hair and color
The pocket can be stored and designed to be easy to carry out, does not take up space, and adds a touch of vitality to the casual life!
In addition, made-to-order towels are not only suitable for personal use, but are also a great choice for gifting. Whether it’s an event, a holiday or a souvenir, a made-to-order towel can be a unique gift to surprise and warm your friends, family or loved ones.