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Laser colored glass straw cups

Material: Heat-resistant glass

產品編號 BT3083 Category


Light luxury diamond pattern glass, laser design, light and shadow changes colorful texture, small appearance but large capacity, thickened heat insulation, straw + direct drink, drinking mode can be switched at will, versatile and practical, can be used as a daily water cup, wine glass, coffee cup, etc., suitable for any drink, enjoy tea time, feel the mood of life.
& Details &
1. Built-in sealing silicone ring, inverted without water leakage, leakage proof and odorless;
2. Large-caliber cup design, easy to pack, easy to clean;
3. Thicken the bottom of the bottle to increase the friction with the table, which is not easy to pour.
The straw design does not wear lipstick, and the cup is drunk directly, so it is effortless to drink directly
Light luxury cup
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